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Don’t Say Uh….

January 19, 2013


You ever play the Don’t Say Uh game? It’s a challenge. Try it.

Here are the rules: Pick a random topic from a hat. Discuss the topic for 30 seconds without saying “Uh…” You can pause in silence for a second or 2 but no longer. You must speak continuously about the topic for an entire 30 seconds without saying “Uh…”

It’s a hoot! I don’t know what’s funnier, rambling on and on about a topic or listening to how awful people’s “Uh…” sound sounds!

Ever have someone try to convince you of something or sell you something and you are totally sucked in until they lose their thought and say, “Uh…” Can’t you just see and feel all their credibility fly right out the window? Suddenly they seem dishonest or at best inept and you find yourself having no desire to listen to them further!

Recently I’ve found myself working on a project that has me calling people all over the globe to ask them stupid questions. I have a script but it sucks so I improvise. It’s what I do so I make it work. But I listen to my colleagues on call center floor and the sound of some of their “Uh…” sounds are like nails on a chalk board.

One lady has an “Uh…” sound that is so deep and guttural and different from her natural speaking voice it sounds like she is in labor having contractions at full dilation! Another lady has an “Uh…” that is short, but frequent and spasm-ie.  She pants them out like she is hyperventilating …. “Uh…Uh..Uh…” They have an erotic quality reminiscent of the Fleetwood Mac/Lindsey Buckingham cut Big Love where he does the Uh/Ahh voices, no the “Ah” is not Stevie Nicks, on the original recording Lindsey does both voices! You can click here for a You Tube clip and fast forward to 5:11 if you are impatient like me!  There it works, even though the album version surpasses any live version I’ve yet to hear. Anywhere else a succession of “Uh’s” just sound stoooooooopid! Watch, you’ll see!

Try it. Here’s one, Blogging: (Go!) I am a blogger. I have a blog. My blog is called Rougebuddha. You can find my blog at rougebuddha dot wordpress dot com. I started it when I learned my friend K had a wordpress blog and I thought how hard can it be? I like to write so certainly I can blog. All have to do is….Uh…. shit! See it’s a challenge. I told you!

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