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December 8, 2012

Here’s one from the archives….thought it worthy of a re-post on today.

Rougebuddha's Blog

December 8th is the day many Buddhists schools of thought celebrate Siddhartha Gautama – Shakyamuni Buddha’s Enlightenment.

It is believed he attained enlightenment on the full-moon night in May sometime around the year 535BC, while sitting under a bodhi tree. How December 8th came to be the celebration day is a mystery to me –as are many things surrounding Buddhist culture. My best guess it that someone wanted to find a way to squeeze Buddhist culture into the “traditional” holiday season. Giving it a front row seat along with Christmas, Chanukah, and Winter Solstice.

I sent Happy Bodhi Day email greetings this morning at midnight to a few of my *CSI Buddhistfriends.(*CSI = Cult? Sure is!)

I wonder how they will respond.
Here’s what I suspect:
1 of them will send me a one-word reply to my email that says, “Thanks.”
Another one will ignore the email, possibly…

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