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May 1, 2012

Now 3 years later, that once famous book store borders on only a memory…and BTW I did get the “Buddhism Kit” and it had no disclaimer.

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I first heard that snippet of legal jargon years ago when listening to the syndicated Tom Joyner Morning Show radio broadcast.

One of his cast of weekly regulars was a woman named Miss Dupree, whose segment was called, “Miss Dupree’s Winning Numbers”. The radio character was a voodoo priestess from New Orleans who would tell listeners how to select a 3-digit lottery number. Her advice was silly and made for some harmless yuck-yucks during morning drive time.

For example, if the 4th of July weekend was approaching, she might say something like, “count the number of people who show up uninvited to your holiday BBQ – count the number of people who get arrested with illegal fireworks and count the number of red, white and blue outfits you see at church Sunday, then play these numbers straight and boxed for the week. These are Miss Dupree’s winning lottery numbers.”


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