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April 28, 2012

Rougebuddha's Blog


Today is April 28th. On this day in year 1253 a rebellious Japanese monk stood seaside and chanted the words nam (u) myoho renge kyo – possibly for the very 1st time.

Nam or Namu- a prefix of the Sanskrit word Namas, meaning devotion. The word namu expresses a feeling of reverence and devotion and is placed before the names of objects of veneration such as Buddhas, deities, sutras, and the three treasures of Buddhism (the Buddha, his teachings and the Buddhist Order.)

Myoho – a Chinese word meaning the ultimate law, principle or truth of life and the universe, often called the mystic law, for its profundity and difficulty to comprehend.

Renge – a Chinese word (lien-hua) meaning Lotus or lotus flower. It is significant here, as, the only flower to bloom and seed at the same time, representing the simultaneity of cause and effect.

Kyo – a…

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