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Git Yo Bidness Done

April 12, 2012

Ok, who watched the ABC sitcom The Middle, last night?

In fairness I have to admit 1: I didn’t see the whole episode, only a portion of it.

And 2: It’s not one of my favorite shows anyway – it’s usually just background noise while I wait for Modern Family, which is one of my favorite shows.

Ok, so I’m at my desk doing desk things when I keep hearing this uncletomfoolery refrain, “Git yo bidness done –git yo bidness donnnne…” and while not looking at the television, only hearing it in the next room, I think, hummm a new chicken and waffle restaurant must be opening somewhere?

But then after a moment or so I don’t hear a brand name and I certainly don’t hear any of the quirky characters that I know to be the cast of The Middle. So I sprint to the TV to see the Heck family front row at a black church, its mother (played by Patricia Heaton  <–click here for more on her) being instructed how to clap on beat, to a chorus of Git yo bidness done! Translation: Get your business done.

It was like an accident I just couldn’t look away from. Now I know I’ve been hypersensitive about Faith and Religion these last several posts, but damn, really? From what I gathered by, again not seeing the show in its entirety – the family took a walk on the wild side of worship but ended the episode safe in the comfort of their zone.

I am a self-admitted lover of television. I am not one of the new breed intellectuals who boast of not even owning a television let alone ever watching one or if they do watch one its only to view PBS. Nope, not me. I like like it. I watch it and I don’t enjoy any of the Hulus or Rokus or TiVos or other 2-syllablled devices that allow you to watch a show whenever you want. Call me old-fashioned but I still like the idea of knowing that a show I like comes on, on a certain day and having the anticipation of watching it that day.

But here’s what I don’t like about television – the way it is for some people the only opportunity they get to form opinions about people and cultures they know absolutely nothing about.  Git yo bidness done? Really? It’s still playing in my head and my head is shaking at the idea of all the people at the office today comfortable with the assumption that that is standard fare at any black congregation.

It’s the same thing that got the Mary J. Blige Burger King spot pulled, when she really was singing about chicken. And it’s the same thing that got the ABC crime drama Detroit 187 (another one of my favorite shows) cancelled (it was a well written show that depicted a diverse cast authentically) and replaced with the crime drama Body of Proof. <–click here to read that rant! Yeah I’m still mad about that. And it’s the same thing that made another blogger in our community of Buddhists Bloggers assume and accuse me of being a different black female blogger he had read, who apparently used to comment on the pages of his blogspace. When I called him on it his response was “Anyone might have made the same mistake.” No. Anyone would not have. (((sigh)))

I am a black woman and I do like chicken I will proclaim to the world, but I have never sang a rhythmic lyric about chicken nor sang one to git my bidness done at any church nor would I, nor would any of the black parishioners I know do it, regardless of how colorful a service may be.

But now after last nights sitcom, Herb and Katlin are going to feel they can cozy up to Donte and LaKeeshia today at work and tell them how much they enjoyed watching The Middle last night, then ask if they can go to church with them some Sunday and then be stymied when Donte and LaKeeshia don’t want to sit with them in the break-room anymore!

Come on ABC, work with me. Anyone else feeling this? Or is it just me?

As for something the Buddha was known for, this is what I heard…

He was expert in knowing the thoughts and actions of living beings.Vimalakirtinirdesh Sutra


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