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April 10, 2012

Here’s an oldie from a few years eariler.

Rougebuddha's Blog

I just finished the book, “Money Sex War Karma: Notes For A Buddhist Revolution” by David R. Loy.


Read it.

I noticed the eye-catching book cover when I saw a man reading it on the bus one day. I borrowed it from my public library the next day.

Read it.

Loy presents useful approaches to universal concerns. But I almost missed them. I almost did not read his book. I read the second sentence on the first page then flung my brand new library book clear across my living room.

 The first sentence reads, “Now that Buddhism has come to the West, how are they going to change each other?”

 I thought, good question. Great opening. Let me continue and see what all you have to say on this, Mr. Loy. I read the next sentence, which reads:

 “Half a century ago the British historian Arnold Toynbee predicted that their…

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