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Cult or Culture (part 14)

April 2, 2012

Those people are nuts, just like you told me…

But at that point I was in it once again too far to turn back and I gave it my all.

I purchased all of the required practicing paraphernalia. I bought a new cherry wood box to house my little scroll…which was now a slightly larger new and improved version from my original little scroll, because while I had been away there had been a nasty ex-communication hullabaloo between these guys and those guys so all the old Gohonzons were now baaaaad and all of the new Gohonzons were now goooood…berry, berrygood.

I bought more beads and books for myself, as well as beads and books to give away to all of the people I tried to encourage that they could change their desperate lives to lives of happiness by chanting the illustrious Nam Myoho Renge Kyo. Kosen Rufu was still the goal. And goddammit I was on it!

I re-subscribed to all of the Culture Center Clutch publications. Subscribing to the publications was a great cause for my life, I was told. It was never made clear if actually reading the publications would have a more profound affect but the subscription part was crucial. There was an entire phone tree set up to remind members to keep up with their subscriptions. I kept mine current.

I went to Culture Center Clutch meetings at 6am Monday through Friday. I brought guests who I could convince to get up early enough to get to there on time. And for the people who were not morning people I brought them to evening meetings, or mailed them little booklets about how they could win in their life.

I brought food to the potlucks. I produced dramatic skits to perform on stage at the Culture Center Clutch to illustrate the benefits of chanting. I designed programs and souvenir trinkets for the members to have at the meetings. I marched in parades around the city, in representation of the Culture Center Clutch. I bought, sold and wore T-shirts that touted the Culture Center Clutch’s brand of “Buddhism” and its’ famous four words.

I made financial contributions each month, plus one significant contribution once a year – all the while chanting the magical mystical words, some times for 10 hours at a time. A few times I even got to sit in the big chair facing the Gohonzon and lead gongyo – including hitting the big bowl bell with the big stick. I was a baaaaaad-buddha-shut-yo-mouff-but-I’m-talkin-bout-Rouge-and-we-can-dig-it! …TO BE CONTINUED

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