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March 8, 2012

This is re-bloged from march 8, 2009

Rougebuddha's Blog


The last time I spoke with Danni, she called me on my cell phone, from a long-distance number I didn’t recognize, and asked to speak with me, using my entire name – not Rouge Buddha of course, but the government name on my driver’s license.

She sounded oh so serious, causing me to pause, thinking…Shit! What bill collector is this and how did they get this number?

During the silence I used to decide if I was going to ask, “Who’s calling please?” or say “Sorry wrong number…” Danni laughed the old familiar laugh I had known since high school.

As I was telling her, “Girl don’t do that to me!” She was telling me, while still laughing, “Ha ha, bet you thought I was a bill collector!”

“Yes I did Miss Danni!” I answered her, laughing back, with relief.

“Nope. Just me calling to wish you a happy birthday!”

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