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Sain, Sane or Insane – Part Two: The Survey

February 25, 2012

There’s an old post here from August 2009 that gets more repeat views than any of the dozens of posts posted here thus far.

It was written partly as tribute to a woman I’d never met beyond a blog comment exchange – her name was Kathy Sain and it was written partly as a mocking commentary on an organization I had known all too well and unaffectionately nicknamed CSI –Cult Sure Is.

It’s a simple little post written in the form of a 13 question quiz. The questions are easy and designed to test your knowledge on what it means or doesn’t mean to be sane, or insane and of course Kathy’s surname: Sain, was a pun fodder too rich to resist – Hence the post title: Sain, Sane or Insane?

Lots of readers seem to like returning to this post week after week. I wonder who you all are…are you many people…or are you the same person?

Are you friends or family of Kathy who miss her more than you imagined possible since her death and just like seeing her name in print?

Are you members of CSI or some other similar organization and recognize yourself or people you know in the questions on the quiz?

Are you glad to know you are not the only one? Or are you angry knowing someone had the nerve to say it in print since you either don’t think you do any harm or you have deliberate intentions of doing the mind controlling isolating harm that you do and you resent being called on it; and therefore you re-read the post often showing it to your fellow CSI-ers saying, “See this is the post I told you about…”

Are you just Google searching sane vs. insane and get directed to the page only to click away in a huff thinking, “This is so not what I had in mind!”

I can’t help but wonder who you are and wonder what it is about that particular post that drives you back to the page over and over again.

If you ever want to tell me, your comments are always welcome – I can’t promise you I’ll post them, but I can assure you I will read them.

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