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Speaking of Fortune Cookies…

January 3, 2012

Who remembers this 10-year-old gem of a CD by Alana Davis, titled “Fortune Cookies”? What ever happened to her?


The first track and the last two tracks were my favorites, Track #1 – Save The Day, this song sets the tone for the CD and is an anthem for anyone’s heart. Track # 10  – “Got This Far”, makes you feel like you’ve been transported to a reggae club on an acoustic guitar and Track #11 – “Easy to Love”, sweetly sings about how every woman thinks she is – easy to love, though we rarely are.

If you have this CD in your collection dig it up. It’s worth a re-listen. If you don’t have it, order it – yes, I said order it – none of that download schmoundload business! Get the actual CD (compact disk, remember those?) so you can hold it in your hands, read the song lyrics and smile when you see all the cute pictures of Chinese chachkies they collected for the artwork. Buddhas with bellies and bells, oh my!

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