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Learning to Stay Present

January 2, 2012

It’s day 2 – so howya’ doin’?


Did you exercise this morning? Have you stopped smoking? Ya keeping the hops and barley out of the 8 glasses of water you swore to drink each day? Did you max out your credit card on online post holiday sales? Finally figure out how to get even with the bastards who did you wrong?


There are no right or wrong answers – I’m just asking.


Learning to stay present is the key, which unlocks the doors to silencing all cravings.

Be they cravings for binge eating, cravings for drugs and alcohol, cravings to overspend

or the craving to kick the living sh*t outta someone who you can logically justify really deserving it.


It’s that icky-sticky-itchy feeling that makes us uneasy and restless and unable to relax, without getting a cigarette or getting a sandwich or getting a new pair of shoes or getting on a plane for a new experience or getting on the nerves of a patient listener by complaining about AIR – VAH – REE – THING! The food the, the drink, the shopping, the bitching are all ways we try to scratch those dastardly itches.


Funny thing about itches, if I may parphrase Pema Chodron, from her Getting Unstuck teaching (even literal itches, you know like when you just get a manicure and the second the top coat goes on, your back or your foot or your scalp or your ass itches like if you don’t scratch it you will die – or when you sit in stillness to meditate or quiet your mind; it feels like a fly has landed on your nose but of course there is no fly) if you can sit with them long enough – just SIT with them – acknowledge them while not labeling them good or bad – but just sit with them WITHOUT scratching, eventually they go away.


Now I didn’t say it was easy, if so, we’d all be doing it; to the contrary it’s one of the most difficult things you will ever atempt, but as we considered on day 1 – if you wish to, you will have an opportunity.



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