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New Year’s unResolution

January 1, 2012

I selected a fortune cookie, from my leftover December 25th Chinese take-out feast, and decided whatever it said would be my only “resolution” for 2012.


Expecting to crack my cookie and resolve to “travel to new and distant places”, “find a great jewel on the waterfront”, “meet a mysterious stranger (not Mark Twain)” or some other wistful abstract that would relieve me of the customary but temporary races to drop a dress size, pick up more money, watch less TV, publish all (3) books I’ve been writing for the last several years, meditate a gabillion hours each day (or even 1 full hour each day); I was ready for a fake fantasy approach to the proverbial New Year’s fresh start.


(Cue: drum roll, please)

Here’s what my fortune cookie said: If you wish to, you will have an opportunity.


LOL! What a jip! IF I WISH TO, I WILL HAVE AN OPPORTUNITY…? Well, duh! Who doesn’t wish to have an opportunity? Damn, I wanted to rip open another cookie, but I thought, no, let’s see where I can take this instead.


Isn’t everything an opportunity? And how many opportunities seem to go poof and disappear in a puff of smoke? How many of us, how many times have gotten stuck right here, in the wishing to? Isn’t that the fuel behind the whole New Year’s resolution scam in the first place?


Accepting my fortune cookie’s message, I most certainly do wish to get unstuck – so I’ve decided to enlist the help of American Buddhist Nun Pema Chodron ,with her audio disk set, “Getting Unstuck: Breaking Your Habitual Patterns & Encountering Naked Reality.”


Since I already own the box set I guess I do have an opportunity for my “wish to”… and what if those numbers at the bottom of the fortune are really good lotto numbers? Humm…maybe it was a good fortune cookie after all.



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