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In the RED

December 15, 2011

Did you all know that any RED lettering in any Rougebuddha post is a link to something else to read?

Yeah, I didn’t think so.  The groovy wordpress stats page I get that tells me how many of you, my loyal pretties, are reading and on what days you read and what posts you seem to like enough to read more than once have indicated that hardly any of you ever click on any of the links….hummm…..

Maybe you thought the RED letters were just for show or to emphasize some point I was trying to make, or maybe you thought it had something to do with the whole “Rouge-Rogue” thing…anyhoo just so you know when you  see red print in a post, clicking on it will link you to something else related to read.

I know, I know many of you are all like…”dude when are you gonna post something new?…we’ve been staring at that big azz Amy Winehouse pic (as much as we love her) for like forever man!” And yes, I do promise to post more frequently in the coming year along with dropping 20 pounds and having a more mindful practice and drinking less beer and bitching less…but in the meantime if ya go back and click on some of the red print you may find a whole new post to read right here among the old ones…I’m just sayin

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