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Top 11 Things to Do on 11/11/11

November 11, 2011

#11. Stay far, far away from Las Vegas, Nevada – USA (Try the crystal skull celebration & meditation in Machu Picchu – Peru, instead).

#10. Make a batch of homemade Kim chi to eat next year on 12/12/12.

#  9. Have an acupuncture treatment, especially the 5 NADA ear points!

#  8. Send an anonymous loving-kindness note to 11 people you really like.

#  7. Send the exact same anonymous loving-kindness notes to 11 people you really don’t like!!!

#  6. Sit in on a Native American drum circle.

#  5. Been thinking about starting dredlocs, do it today.

#  4. Been thinking about cutting your dredlocs, do it today.

#  3. Find your old Love Serve Remember, box set, by Ram Dass from 1973 – listen to it again, this time with your kids.

#  2. Visit the mystical energy vortexes of Sedona, Arizona – USA (just so you know, Boynton Canyon Vortex known for its “balanced” energy vibration is a red rock’s throw from the Enchantment Resort – home of the Mii Amo Spa – I’m just sayin’).


(Insert drum roll please…)

And the # 1 thing to do today on the mystical 11/11/11 is to remember it is Veteran’s Day! Celebrate a Veteran. Do something really nice for a military family, not just say that quick little “ thank you for your service” we murmur when we see someone in fatigues (but if you’ve never done anything, that’s a good place to start) – how about, cook them a meal, buy their kids winter coats, treat a GI lady to a mani /pedi or eyelash extensions, visit a VA hospital and bring stuff, tie yellow ribbons round the old oak trees… Do something! Love. Serve. Remember.

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