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ICE Cold

July 5, 2011

Got ICE?

You know, those In Case of Emergency numbers you are advised to program into your cell phone, in case of let’s say…an emergency?

I sure do. I have 3 of them.

Recently I found myself without the presence of any living relatives so my ICE people were selected carefully. I picked my favorite friend from high school, because she’s known me over 30 yrs, we are close and I feel she cares enough about me to make sound decisions if need be. I picked a former colleague of my late Mother, who has since become like a sister to me and I picked a parishioner turned minister I met during my fling with a non-traditional Catholic church, although not necessarily in that order.

Not only were these 3 capable and competent women chosen to be my cell phone’s in case of emergency contacts they were also given the responsibility of my medical power of attorney.

Well, this holiday weekend in a frenzy to get things done. I left my trusty cell phone in the bank, when I rushed out after learning their system was down and they could not handle my transaction.

It was a bizarre day of sorts that began with a dead car battery and a rescue from AAA.

Long story short, my bank, upon discovering my abandoned phone began calling my ICE numbers…do you know none of those bitches have called me back yet and it’s been 3 days plus a holiday?

I’m hoping the bank did not leave them each voicemail messages that they didn’t respond to, and that they simply saw it was me calling, and figured it was nothing crucial so they

would get back to me as time permitted. Guess they are still busy.

The good news of the story is that when the bank got no response from my ICE people they called the last number to call me, which happened to be the AAA guy saying he was 5 minutes away. He went to the bank, retrieved my phone and answered it when I called it to make sure it was really lost and not somewhere hiding in my house. He also hand delivered it to me with a big azz smile.

ICE may be cold, but the AAA guy was smoking hot! Maybe I’ll list him as my new in case of emergency contact!

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