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June 2, 2011

There’s an old post from the archives titled Enough With the Sandwich Already (<- click to read) that I re-read early this morning after me and  friends stayed at a restaurant enjoying  food, wine, song and each other’s company until the wait staff actually dimmed the lights to get us to leave… all the other diner’s departure and turning off the music didn’t seem to coax us into leaving. We all stayed another several moments out front of the restaurant not wanting the night to end.  Here’s where we met a seemingly homeless man who asked for help getting something to eat – we obliged only to learn he didn’t really want a sandwich after all.

So, while scrolling through my own archives of old blog posts I also gave a re-read to the post (click to read->) Limp Dick  (nothing like it sounds) and I wondered how will the city’s new mayor compare to its former mayor on issues like homelessness and people asking for sandwiches at crazy-o-clock in the morning.  You know, the old Michael Reese Hospital site would make  nice affordable housing, ( like it was supposed to become  after it was done being olympic village in 2016 …ha!) but it will probably become a casino instead….wonder if Carrie Beth plays blackjack?

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