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Freshwater, Saltwater or Smoked…

January 26, 2011

…were the categories of salmon referenced in last night’s State of the Union Address.

It gave me a chuckle to learn that one fish is handled by a different government agency; depending on if she’s living in freshwater, in saltwater or if she’s smoked.

So the plan as I heard it is to streamline things so Miss Salmon’s provisions come from one source.

Sound familiar?

ONE SOURCE – ONE SUPPLY – ONE “AGENCY”, if you will, from which all Good flows.

Be it, the freshwater faith of a newbie, embracing concepts heard for the very first time – or the salt-of the-Earth faithful, strong in her convictions, flavoring the world with all that is her life – or the burned-out smoked faith, questioning and maybe even rebelling about all she ever knew to be her Truth.

Regardless of the condition – the new revelation of the fresh, the continuing reoccurrence and resiliency of the salt or the needed restoration and renewal of the smoked, the provisions all come from one source, one supply, one “agency”.

Some may choose to call their source, God, or The Creator, or Qi, or The Mystic Law, or Consciousness, or Universal Energy, or Prana, or The Unified Field, while for someone else, labeling their source could be phrased as simply as saying, “Something told me to do such and such…” or “I’m so glad I followed my First Mind.”

What kind of salmon do you have?

Is it freshwater?

Is it saltwater?

Or is it smoked?

Whatever kind it is – get it to the source.

There is only one.

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