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The Buddha in Your Mirror…really?

December 4, 2010

Ok  yes it’s been a while since I’ve checked in – haven’t had anything to say.

This little blog began as a way for me to sort out my feelings and rant about my expericence with what I was concerned may have been and am now forever convinced is a psuedo-buddhist cult.

Now that I feel I have moved on from the need to contribute neither my membership nor my mockery doesn’t leave much to yap about on a blog titled rougebuddha, which by the way was supposed to be “ROGUE“buddha but I don’t know if my typing or my spelling is to blame (yeah Palin I was rogue first but type and/or spell about as well a I imagine you do so I ended up rouge).

If you’re just joining in I named the cult CSI a play on their name which I use to mean (C)cult (S)ure (I)s.

Funny thing about cults I learned during my search is that people don’t set out to become members – the circumstances of their lives kinda just make them easy willing targets. And once you are in  – I mean really in no- thing nor no-one can convince you you’re being duped. It’s only when you see the man behind the curtain for yourself will you make a shift.

I had 3 previous stints with this particular one and each time was fueled by some need I wished to fulfill but could not seem to do so – the cult gave a comforting sense of “it’s-gonna-be-alrightness” that the destraught, who still have some semblance of hope seek.

But when I did come around to honestly looking into that mirror I saw that the comfort I was seeking and thought I had found was all a rouse. The Emperor was naked and no one wanted me to pay any attention to the man behind the curtian.

Saying all that to say, I understand the place from which such a search comes.

Thinking back to another post I whimsically titled “Black Widow Blog” and especially considering current health conditions and recent medical treatment I would never mention the man’s name here…but when I saw him on my television leaving his NYC apartment being oh so gracious to fans and paparazzi with a copy of “The Buddha in Your Mirror” under his arm I couldn’t help but recall all the things I felt when I felt the need to well you know…

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