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June 26, 2010

You know that fleeting second when you see someone you know and you see him or her see you too– then they look away?

We’ve all been both the do-er and the do-ee of that little deed at one time or another, but just what exactly fuels it?

Maybe it’s the desire to not be bothered.
Or it’s the desire to not be embarrassed.
Or maybe it’s to hide from a grievance we may have willingly or unwillingly, although knowingly caused.

But isn’t all of this the same desire?

We all just want what we want.
Each decision is ensconced in the most basic human need to be comfortable.
Discomfort hurts.
We tend to avoid that which will bring us discomforts at all costs.

But just how much really is at stake when we do this?
Everything we have or don’t have is born out of some type of discomfort.
The beautiful healthy baby is not born until much pushing and pain have preceded.
The next breath we breathe is not ours to claim until we surrenderingly exhale the breath before it. We have to let it go. Letting go can be uncomfortable. But in the case of the breath, not letting go is ridiculous.

Think with me if you will, how not letting go, in every other situation, is equally as ridiculous.

One of my favorite thinkers says there are only 3 kinds of people in your life.
1. The person who wants to help you.
2. The person who wants to hurt you
3. The person who frankly my dear just doesn’t give a damn.

Another thinker I respect says, how someone treats you is their karma – how you respond is yours.

We all want the same things.
We all want to be heard – to be understood – to be loved.
But first we all need to be the things we want.
We all need to hear – to understand – to love.
That which you seek is seeking you.
Turning away from it does not make it go away.
When you turn back around, it’s still there looking at you, whether you acknowledge it or not, silently waiting for a unit of intensive care.

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  1. bern permalink
    August 2, 2011 7:40 am

    Wow…pretty profound! I like the spin!

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