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Jimmy Dean

June 14, 2010

Ok, this “Black Widow” thing is officially getting weird.
For years I’ve been smitten with those whimsical Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwich commercials. You know the ones where the weather elements all work in an office and someone is always out of sorts until they eat a trusty Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwich, then all systems return to go.

For as long as I’ve watched the commercials, I’ve said I would like to try some of the delightful looking breakfast snacks, but I never did. Yesterday I purchased my first box of sausage, egg and cheese English muffins. I thought to zap one a few minutes ago in my microwave but realized I wasn’t really hungry – I just knew they were in the fridge.

I opted for a beer instead (yeah I know – the grief thing is still in full swing). While sipping my morning brew and watching the early news I just learned that country singer and businessman Jimmy Dean died yesterday – probably at the exact same moment I was making my maiden purchase of his breakfast sandwiches.


The inter-connectivity of life?
Hyper sensitivity to death?

Hummm…you decide.

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