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June 11, 2010

Okay, is this the “death blog” or what?

Clearly my last post was specifically about death, but there is another less clear undercurrent of death on my pages. Has anyone else noticed it or am I just hyper sensitive about death following the loss of my last beloved cousin???

Here’s what I’ve noticed, please weigh in at your own risk.

On March 12, 2009 I posted a piece called “Karma Covered Fingers Dipped in Pain’. Trippy title, I know, that was meant as homage to Brad Warner’s (oh sh*t, maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned his name) “Zen Dipped in Chocolate Wrapped in Karma”.
In the post I casually mentioned Bea Arthur’s character Maude. Bea Arthur died the next month.

My May 2, 2009 post casually made reference to David Carridine’s Kung Fu character Grasshopper and the next month I ended up posting “Grasshopper! What?” – my thoughts following Carridine’s unexpected death…hummm???

Soon after, a fellow blogger (known on line as Armchair) posted a comment to my July 14, 2009 post, “The Gong Bath”. Her comment had nothing to do with my post; in fact she was contacting me in search of a post I had commented on, on a different blog, we both visited regularly. Within days following her comment on my blog I learned she too had died unexpectedly.


By the way, I’m on my way to a funeral this morning, but I’m not mentioning any names!

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