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The Gong Bath

July 14, 2009

Always on the quest for spiritual pursuits, I recently discovered the Gong Bath.

Heard of it?

I hadn’t either until a couple of months ago when my neighborhood yoga studio began offering them.

It’s described as a sound meditation. It is!

The Gong Bath begins similar to a yoga class, with some stretching and breathing exercises done seated on the mat. After which, you recline comfortably while the instructor plays a Paiste® gong for several minutes.


It feels like a water-body-massage. Waves of sound crash over you leaving you relaxed and refreshed, just as any good “bath” does.

It’s hard to believe how one little gong and one little mallet, played by one person can create a symphony of various tones. During the first one I attended, I kept thinking (as I relaxed with closed eyes) how did all the other dozen or so gong players come into the room so quietly? But when I opened to sneak a peek there was still only one little gong, played by one little woman creating one infinite sound containing all sound. DEEP.

Our physical bodies being composed mostly of water are influenced by the reverberating sound waves of the gong. Who knew?

I attended one this past weekend with 5 of my friends, whose yoga knowledge spans each end of the continuum. There was everyone from a 7-Day Adventist practioner to a Vinyasa instructor in attendance. Each described a unique experience during the “bath”.

One friend added a petite girly snore to the sound waves, as the gong lulled her mentally and physically exhausted body softly to sleep. Poor baby was really tired, and a little embarrassed when she realized she had fallen asleep, but her snore was to the gong player what a hearty belch is to a chef!

The Vinyasa instructor, who is 20something and Russian, (perhaps that matters) said it was not her style and unfortunately laid on her mat in torture during the several minutes the rest of us reclined in bliss. Oh well, there’s always one in every group.

If you have not experienced a “Gong Bath” find one in your community immediately and check it out. Ironically, the noise of the gong quiets all the chatter of the monkey mind.

Sat Nam

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  1. Armchair permalink
    July 22, 2009 10:55 am

    Hola, Rouge, I will check your blog out! In the meantime, I saw your comment about Byrd’s June 3rd, 2007 post about Shin Yatomi, but that wasn’t on the FWP site. Can you direct me to it somewhere else or paraphrase what she said about that? I am now studying Byrd’s thoughts and would be interested to see what she said.

    Thank you,

  2. rougebuddha permalink
    July 22, 2009 2:49 pm

    Hey Armchair-
    You will find it on FWP in Byrd’s Eye View archives for June 2007.
    She describes Shin’s memorial and talks about the kind of man Shin was. Check it out – it’s still there.

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