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GM ain’t GMAC

May 21, 2009
When I bought my first car I was 19 years old. It took 2 days to make the deal and I needed a co-signer for the over inflated loan sharky loan I got, from what may as well have been called “Acme Finance Company”.
Decades later, when I bought my second car, I closed the deal in less than an hour and I got a loan from the fine folks at GMAC – General Motors Acceptance Corporation.
Apparently that was big doings then. They turned out to be a fine finance company. Whenever I heard the words GM I always got a warm fuzzy about my second car and my preferred finance company.

That was until I started reading about the food I thought they were producing. I wondered why they never included any literature about it in any of their correspondence. I wondered more why an automobile corporation would venture into the food business. That seemed bizarre. But then again whatever makes money is what business is all about.

When I learned what GM food actually is that seemed much more bizarre than any food produced by any automobile corporation.

GM food is genetically modified food not General Motors food.

(LOL! That’s the beauty of blogging – I can tell you I honestly thought that and never tell you who I am…LOL!)

But seriously folks, the LabCoats have been fugging with our food.
Of course they are doing it with what they say are the best intentions but we’ve all heard about good intentions and the road to hell, right?

The first 10 people who hit me back and tell me you immediately thought of that 70’s movie “Soylent Green”, I’ll mail you a prize!

Here’s the basic idea – let’s say there is a gene that is unique to only polar bears that enables them to not only bear (irresistible pun) icy cold temperatures but to thrive on them.

The LabCoats can take that specific gene and put it into oranges or apples so they can travel well to your grocer’s produce section.

Good idea in theory but who says I want to eat an apple that is part polar bear? I don’t!

An apple knows how to be an apple. LEAVE IT ALONE!!!

The LabCoats need to be trying to figure out how to keep ice caps from melting so the dang polar bears stop drowning – but I digress.

If you think this great manipulation will be happening in the future think again – it’s happening now. GM (genetically modified) foods have made their way to certain grocers near you. You may have even tossed a few in your shopping basket without realizing it because they looked so extra fancy pretty.

Here’s how you can tell which ones are GM (genetically modified).
Read the little sticker stuck to the produce. Yes, the one that tells the checkout person what to tell the register to charge you for the item.

If the little sticker has a 4-digit code (any 4 digits), your fruit or vegetable is simply a plain old piece of produce full of pesticides and all the stuff we grew up eating. These produce are yummy and my preferred choice. But the language has changed, now they are called, “conventional”.

If the sticker has a code beginning with the number 9 followed by 4 other digits, this is an organically grown produce (for this sticker if you are reading aloud read it again this time using a Thurston Howell III voice).

But if that little sticker begins with the number 8 followed by 4 other digits that little pretty is a genetically modified food – Run Forrest! Run!

Also keep in mind the stickers are mostly to help the checkout staff who often don’t know a cabbage from a lettuce so be cautious with easily identifiable foods. Corn for example is a food that has been modified most and everyone working the checkout knows what an ear of corn looks like, so there is little need to put a sticker on it… ya feel me?

Heads up, there’s a new GMAC in town and it ain’t a finance company it’s – Genetically Modified Artificial Crap!




3 Comments leave one →
  1. Pali N. Drome (Ghimme A. Break's lil sister...) permalink
    May 22, 2009 9:41 pm

    Soylent Green, I thought of it!!! Not true- never saw it, but I’d really like to know what’s my prize!

  2. rougebuddha permalink
    May 23, 2009 1:35 am

    Your prize Smarty McSmartinstein is “encouragement” to go find that 1973 movie and watch it…then get back to me for a more tangible prize…perhaps some vegan lasagne or at least soy cheese.

  3. Shawnna permalink
    May 27, 2009 9:20 am

    Yes, *Leave it alone.* The Frankenfoods are creepy. We remember the GM ones be “8 we hate” “9 is fine” (organic).

    Have you read “Animal, Vegetable, Miracle”? Great book!

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