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Sign Language

May 14, 2009

Give me a sign…
I need a sign…
Something told me to do such and such…

Have you ever said something along these “lines”?
If you have, what were you expecting to happen when you did?

Lighting bolts?
Snippets of an overheard conversation containing the answer to your question?
A seeming coincidence?

When you do get a “sign” how do you know it is the sign to follow and not a STOP sign?

Choosing one choice creates a set of circumstances that would be non-existent if any other choice is chosen. How do you choose best? How do we interpret the signs?

Once, I really wanted to give a friend a surprise birthday party. I couldn’t afford to do it, but it was an itch I had to scratch!

This friend had had some difficult times and a gathering of friends, food and festivities would have been a “nice” thing for her.

Against obvious best judgment I took my household money for the month and hosted a stellar party at a swanky champagne bar. A good time was had by all. But at the end of the night I thought to myself, “what a big dummy you are – now what are you gonna do?” I did not regret my choice; I just wondered what to do next, having no Plan B in sight.

As I drove home from the amazing party that night, I noticed a car driving ahead of me with a license plate number that was the same number of a street address of an old friend.

I decided I would follow that “sign” and play the license plate number in my state lottery game the next day. I did.

That lottery ticket won me more money than I had spent on the party. All was well and ended well.

I’ve tried to re-create that scenario many times with other license plate numbers, taxicab numbers and the like, with NO SUCH LUCK!

So what made that “sign” an authentic sign and the others not?

One of my most pressing predicaments today involves an old car in need of extensive repair.

The car has very little cash value and one choice would be to chuck it, take the small amount of cash and be done with it.

But the car is rich in sentimental value and I have chosen to have it fixed.

I sent out a huge email blast seeking advice on how to proceed. I got 2 seemingly good leads. Now I’m confused as to which choice to choose.

One lead is from a friend who has a friend who fixes cars. The other lead is from a friend who has a friend who manages an auto repair facility.

The first friend I know very well and trust completely. This friend is keenly aware of my sentimental value attached to the car and may have a variation of her own sentimental value attached to it.

The second friend and I are not as close, but my conversation with her referral friend was more detailed regarding my possible options.

Seems like a no-brainer, but like the birthday party, I’m wired in such a way that often bypasses the obvious for the obscure.

Time is of the essence and I have to make a choice yesterday.
I wrote the pros and cons lists for each choice and the results are identical in scope – just the exact details differ.

Hummmmm…what to do?

After giving myself a tiny headache about it I sighed the words, “I need a sign”, then fell asleep fully dressed with my television playing.

I woke up before daybreak the next morning while the television was playing a commercial for the auto service company my second friend’s friend manages.

The moment I opened my eyes I heard my TV say, “Having trouble with your car? Take it to (horn beep) (company name) (company name spelled out in letters).

Is this a “sign”?
Is this a “sign” to follow or a “sign” to flee?
Is this a seeming coincidence?
Is this all of the above?
Is this none of the above?

What would you do?

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