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Wisdom 7-Up and Caffeine

May 4, 2009

I just finished the book, “Money Sex War Karma: Notes For A Buddhist Revolution” by David R. Loy.


Read it.

I noticed the eye-catching book cover when I saw a man reading it on the bus one day. I borrowed it from my public library the next day.

Read it.

Loy presents useful approaches to universal concerns. But I almost missed them. I almost did not read his book. I read the second sentence on the first page then flung my brand new library book clear across my living room.

 The first sentence reads, “Now that Buddhism has come to the West, how are they going to change each other?”

 I thought, good question. Great opening. Let me continue and see what all you have to say on this, Mr. Loy. I read the next sentence, which reads:

 “Half a century ago the British historian Arnold Toynbee predicted that their encounter would be a major event in world history.”

 Then I gave the book a heartfelt toss across the room!

 Patience is not one of my biggest virtues. Suspicion, conspiracy theory and over-reaction sometimes tend to be. LOL!

 Somebody out there reading this gets exactly why I tossed the book and is LOL too, right now.

 The Arnold Toynbee reference caused a, shall we say… strong reaction.


 So what’s wrong with British historian Arnold Toynbee, you may ask?

 Nothing. He’s noted by most people for some strong reactions of his own to religion and its role in society. He’s most noted by me and the other people who know exactly why my initial reaction was to not read Loy’s book, for highly publicized dialogues occurring during 1972 and 1973 that some would lead you to believe occurred just this morning.

 My tantrum lasted only a few seconds, and then I retrieved the book from behind the cushions where it had landed. I looked to see who was the publisher.

 The publisher is Wisdom Publications.

That gave me enough … motivation… to continue reading.

There is a bookstore I used to frequent where practically all of the books, it sells, are published by one publishing company.

One book in particular regales of dialogues with Arnold Toynbee.

 Didn’t wanna hear it. Sorry. Just didn’t.

 I finished the first few pages and my virtues kicked in again. I had to go Internet search Wisdom Publications. I was curious if Wisdom Publications had any connection to that other publishing company I had been spoon feed in my recent past.

 There was a time in U.S. history when a huge segment of the population was not allowed to read. It was a crime. A crime rooted in the idea of knowledge being power – more specifically knowledge being freedom.

 Frankly, there is no difference between someone forbidden to read and someone encouraged to read only books with one perspective, and one author, on any topic, but especially on a topic that is as broad and far-reaching as a topic could possibly be. Didn’t George Orwell call this, Newspeak, in his 1949 novel “1984”? (Put your glasses on – I said Newspeak not Newsweek)

 The only connection my search uncovered is that Wisdom Publications and that other publisher are both entered into a Green treatise with guidelines to use only re-cycled paper for their printing.

 That’s nice.

 I’m not being sarcastic here – that is nice. I’m being sarcastic other places throughout this post…see if you can pick them out… (Smirk).

 Wisdom put me further at ease when I saw their website includes a section for manuscript guidelines. That other publisher having guidelines for John and Jane Q. Public to submit manuscripts would be like 7-Up and caffeine.

Never had it. Never will.

 Bottom line – Do check out Loy’s book. It is a quick, worthwhile read that will give you some different ways of managing your mindfulness on money, sex, war and karma. And we all sure can use some new management on each of these topics.

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