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Thank You Walgreens

April 8, 2009

Thank you Walgreens, for your decision to pull the Chia Obama® from your store shelves (see UPI news story below), but what about you Joseph Pedott, president of Joseph Enterprises, makers of the Chia Obama®?

The absurdly offensive product is still top and center of your website’s front page, with the button to buy on-line. Well, I’m waiting for you to follow Walgreens lead and pull the stupid thing!!! Don’t you get it? We find your Chia Obama® offensive and not at all worthy of market share. Not only do we want you to pull it, we want you to apologize for your grand faux pas! We want you to use the same TV commercials you used to suggest that we purchase the damn thing to convey your regret in bad judgment.

Get out your chimney-sweeping log and try your best to sweep away the stink you created with your reprehensively offensive Chia Obama®. Yes you can.

CHICAGO, April 8 (UPI) — Drug store chain Walgreens has thrown dirt on selling a Chia Obama plant novelty in its stores, deciding to remove the item from its shelves.
“We decided to pull the product because it didn’t fit with our corporate image,” Walgreens spokesman Robert Elfinger said in a company statement. “We also didn’t want to be subject to any misinterpretation over the product. People could interpret it through a political viewpoint or other viewpoints and we want to avoid that situation.”
The product was pulled after a week of testing in Tampa, Fla., and Chicago markets after the Deerfield, Ill., national chain said it received several complaints that the product was offensive, the Chicago Tribune reported.
Walgreens’ decision caught Joseph Enterprises, maker of Chia Obama, off-guard.
Company president Joe Pedott says the clay bust is “totally patriotic.”
“It’s hope, courage and pro-American,” he told the Tribune.
The $19.99 Chia Obama, which sprouts foliage where hair would be, is available at several Web sites but Pedott told the Chicago Sun-Times said he’s trying to find another national retailer to stock the item. About 200,000 plant kits are shelved in a Chicago warehouse.

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