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Nightline 2

March 30, 2009

I managed to stay up to watch Friday’s Nightline segment featuring the “Lottery Lady” – Rebecca Paul Hargrove, dubbed the Michael Jordan of Lottery. As CEO of the Tennessee State Lottery, Hargrove earned $750K last year as a public employee.

Good for her.

For detailed eye opening facts about what have become State Lottery games, as we know them today please read, “Kings – The True Story of Chicago’s Policy Kings and Numbers Racketeers”, by Nathan Thompson.

Did you know that long before the organization of the Illinois State Lottery, which Hargrove was also once in charge of, illegal “policy” games reigned supreme in most major urban communities creating stable clusters of Black wealth?

Wealth later dismantled by the legal organization of State Lottery games. Today the once thriving communities throughout most major urban areas are now some of the poorest communities where the greatest numbers of legal lottery tickets are sold, while the least number of winning lottery tickets are purchased.

I wonder how this happens. Any ideas?

One man interviewed for the Nightline segment claimed to have spent over $35K on Tennessee State lottery tickets over the last 5 years, while his largest jackpot winnings during the same 5 years netted only $280.

One of the questions asked of Hargrove during the segment was, “Do you market specifically to poor people?” Her answer – “ Never have. Never will.”

Hummmmm? Check out Thompson’s book, and then tell me what you think.

“Big business. Long odds.” – Cynthia McFadden ABC News Nightline

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