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March 27, 2009

Usually I’m asleep before the nightly news, but the last few nights I’ve been awake long enough to watch Nightline.

Last night was a hot-button pusher. The segment was called, “Does Satan Exist?”

A panel of four, two with similar though not identical, YES views and two with closely aligned NO views, rode the merry-go-round on this longstanding debate.

There was the emotional reformed sex worker certain she had seen Satan in the eyes of her former clients.

There was the pastor of a mostly alternative youth congregation also certain of Satan’s existence as he described aided by a hearty dose of Red Bull energy drinks.

There was an excommunicated evangelical bishop who once was certain of the existence of Satan but has since amended his view and has since lost his church as a result.

And there was my personal favorite of the four, medical doctor, quantum physicist and author Deepak Chopra who offended the group the most with the opinion that the belief in Satan is a primitive belief.

The only thing I left the debate certain of is that people believe what they believe. Period.

There were three nuggets from the show which stayed with me, all coming from Deepak Chopra, who I dig, have dug way before last night’s show and will likely continue to dig far into the foreseeable future (read The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, it’s my quick and easy favorite Chopra read followed by the more complexly detailed How to Know God). Totally. Love. Chopra. The sparkly eyeglasses he wore didn’t quite do it for me but I believe he believed they looked good – so there.

Favorite Nightline Nugget # 1. – “Healthy People do not have any need for Satan.”
Favorite Nightline Nugget # 2. – “Belief is a cover-up for insecurity.”
Favorite Nightline Nugget # 3. – (paraphrasing)… “Why are you so convinced that God or Satan is a man…why couldn’t they be a Black woman?”

I don’t know which was more intriguing, the panel face-off, or I staying awake to watch Nightline.

I operate from “the Power Within” school of thought. Most Faiths teach that salvation and damnation are to be sought outside of one’s self. That notion never passed the smell test with me and I continue to fine-tune my truth.

One thing is for true – it was entertaining television.
I’m going to try and stay up tonight to watch Nightline again. The Lottery Lady will be on tonight. This I gotta see.

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