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Blue Barrels, Stepbrothers & Self-Esteem

March 10, 2009

So now the news is about the stepbrother, who through guilt and thoughts of suicide now feels the need to come forward about the moving of said blue barrels.

Question: If your stepsister-in-law is missing and your stepbrother asks you to help him dispose of a big ass heavy plastic container but he won’t tell you what’s inside of it wouldn’t you maybe ask him some questions? Like… “Now tell me again, where did you say Stacey went?” “When did you say she’d be back?” “This thing is heavy as hell, what did you say is in here?” “What’s that smell?”

Yes, obviously the stepbrother has some issues and so it seems guilt is getting the best of him now. Frankly that seems normal to me, wrong but normal. Who among us has not done something questionable to help out a friend or family? I once helped a good buddy turn over a table at a very chic party simply because, by the time we arrived at several bucks a plate, there was no more food and she was too petite to turn the table over by herself. Not quite a big plastic barrel but you get my drift.

This however is not the news story I want to see. The news story I want to see is the one titled “The Conversations of a (suspected…alleged or whatever I have to say since this anus has not been officially charged with anything) Killer.

I mean really, just what exactly is it that Drew Peterson says to the women he dates, then marries, then suspectedly murders?

The stepbrother I pretty much understand. Like I said you do stupid shit for family and friends, but what’s the deal with these women? What can this man possibly say to them that makes them say, “Ok I’ll marry you?”

Perhaps something like this, “Hi. I’m Drew. Boy you sure do have the prettiest eyes. I know I keep starring but God, you sure are beautiful. I’d like to get to know you. May I sit down? Thanks. You may have heard about me so let me tell you about myself incase you’ve heard some things. I’ve been married…a couple of times. Well, let’s see…um, my first marriage just didn’t work out. You know it happens. We both weren’t ready.
My second wife died mysteriously. Poor girl. I still miss her. My third wife drowned – in a bathtub. They say I had something to do with it, but come on? How does a grown woman drown in a bathtub? I wasn’t even home when it happened. I think she just fell asleep and slid under… ya know what I mean? (Sigh) My fourth wife is missing. She’s been missing for over a year now. She never really understood me. God, I sure hope she’s happy. The kids miss her. Hell, I miss her, but life goes on, ya, know? (insert nervous laugh) But you… oh when I look into your eyes I can see that you… you get me. As tragic as all this may sound in a funny kind of way I know it was all leading me to you. I know with a woman like you I will finally get to be happy. I don’t mean to sound like a broken record, but you are so beautiful. Can I…just touch you? Oh your skin is so soft…what is that some kind of lotion or something? God it feels like touching an angel. What do you say we go back to my place?”

Who are these women? Not to speak ill of the dead and likely dead, but come on!!! Are we talking issues with esteem?

I’ve had some low self esteem moments and found myself in some precarious situations as a result, but at my lowest I can’t see myself falling for this Peterson dude and his bullshit. Look at him! And you know I’m telling the truth. We’ve all gotten the email forward of him side by side the Cowardly Lion from the Wizard of Oz where the resemblance is uncanny. Would you go home with the Cowardly Lion? No. So why in the hell would you go home with Drew Peterson? Maybe if he had a little Tom Selleck thing going on I’d see how one could possibly end up an a big plastic barrel, but Drew Peterson…un un.

What is he saying to these women? I really want to know!!!!

I am sorry for the losses. I’m sorry for the children who have not seen their mother in over a year and perhaps may never see her again. I’m sorry for the families who lost daughters or sisters or nieces because they married Drew Peterson. But I still can’t help but wonder just what the hell is he saying and what the hell are they thinking?


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