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Drop Down Boxes are Evil

March 1, 2009

They said it would be easy.
Just sign up and a bloggin’-you-a-go!

It started out easy. Then it went ROGUE.

The questions on the sign up page were all simple, no-brainers.

Username: Rouge Buddha. Fine, you want it to read Rougebuddha. I can work with that.

Password: Got one!
Re-type password: OK.

Then there it was, baiting me, the evil drop down box, asking me to choose my blog’s primary language.

I always fugg up drop down boxes. Even though it is so easy scrolling down the list of options, instead of having to manually key in your selection. I always forget to lock-in my selection with a click and before I know it I’ve made the wrong selection. I do this most when searching for flights. I get giddy about finding a $99 fare to Oakland then I realize I’ve searched a fare for Oklahoma City.

This time it was the select language your blog will be written in box.

It already said ENGLISH, as plain as day. That quiet little voice (many call it God, others call it enlightenment, some call it intuition, lately I’ve been calling it Spidey-Sense) told me, “Don’t touch that box! It says English. That’s all you speak.” But I acted like I didn’t hear it. It doesn’t speak loudly, which is why even more people call it the Still Small Voice.

I scrolled through the list of languages anyway. You know, just to see. Then I scrolled back to English. Just as I clicked the your blog is now ready you can’t change your mind button I saw I hadn’t landed on English.

I raced to my browser’s back button to edit the page. Whew! Made it! All the info was still there for me to edit. I changed the evil drop down box to English, re-clicked it and re-clicked my final step to having my first blog button.

Only now I was told my email address was already in use. It sure was. It was registered as the email address for a lovely German blog. Or maybe it was a Dutch blog. I didn’t know. What I did know was that I spent the first 3 hours as a new blogger trying to change the language on my page back to English.

It’s a very simple task done from the admin panel, except I couldn’t get to the admin panel from German or Dutch or whatever language it was I had accidentally landed.

Drop down boxes are evil. They make things look super easy. But the easiest things rarely EVER click.

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